Thursday, October 30, 2008

Godless Me.


1.It means that the belief that on the non-existance of god. Atheists tend to think using the logical and scientific way. They tend to reject any happening such as sickness or phenomenons are caused by some unseen creatures or The Almighty God(depending on what religion you are)

2.Atheism is believed to be started from as early as the 3rd century and gainined popularity during the 5th century.
(this picture is wordings in greek which means [those who are] without God)

3.Me..being brought up in a not soo strong in religion practitioner family, as time pass by, I slowly rejects the thoughts of God existance. I dont know why this happen but maybe it is because of the influence by Atheists from the West. I always ask myself. People say that God's existance can be seen in many places. Such as medical miracles are one of God's doing. By that I asked myself. Why God can heal someone who have so called 1% chance of success in a surgery but not giving an arm to a man who lost his arm?

If there really is a God watching over this world. I really hope someday I can experience something that can bring me back in believing the existance of God.

RandomThoughts:Anyone who want to educate me in comments about ur religion feel free to do so coz Im an open-minded teenager~ Hohoho...


ugly benny said...
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ugly benny said...

me a catholic,but not a very good one lah..
i do prayers,and it DO come true i tell u..LoL..
maybe we just don't realise when the prayers came true..
but,it is good to have something to rely on when we are down or when we are on the top of the world right?

i just use the principle carrie underwood taught me..LoL..
i mean "jesus take the wheel".

but i am still a sinful boy though..

sorry for writing a very long comment..
chiao ~