Friday, October 31, 2008

Math and Science In English...

When I was form1, the government started to implement this thing. They say this is to boost our English knowledge and fluency in speaking English. At that time I'm totally agree with the government's idea because I have no problem in speaking English(Hohoho...)*proud* *proud* and of course it is important coz English is now the world no.1 languange.

2.But the problem is, I don't think Malaysia is ready for this plan yet!!! Why I say so? It is because this plan is done soo suddenly. Even some Math or Science teacher are not ready!! Some of the teacher, they learned to teach Math or Science in Malay so.. suddenly tell them to teach in English with out much time for them to learn English is a serious badddddddd move...

But what to do? The teachers have no
The Teaching Must GO ON!!! and this happens in class..

And some students who are still not very good in English cant understand their teacher's instruction..

Well..what happen in my class is a lil mixture of both...Hohoho...

3.So..I suggest that our government should educate those Math and Sci teacher who still cant speak fluent or at least ok ok English before asking them to educate us or they can import teachers o~~ Hohohoho..

a Malay named English teacher should do fine...Heh Heh Heh...

RandomToughts:What is next a?? Sejarah in English maybe? Or maybe teach Bahasa Malaysia in English too~~
HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO~~~(lawak lawak)...*tak bape lawak a...*

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