Friday, December 5, 2008

Theme Park Hidden Camera(Conclusion)..

Did any of you read my recent post about the hidden cam in a theme park? Well after some feedback by fellow bloggers and more knowledgeable adult, I have been drawn to a conclusion that the photos are from Malaysia. Many of you even guessed the correct place of the hidden camera. But the other fact is that these pictures are OLD. Very very old. It started to spread around 6-7 years ago. Which is wayyyyyy before I started to use e-mails and stuffs and they've changed their changing room. Which means it is safe to change in it? I think so..

I hereby apologize for bringing up this OLD OLD OLD topic and caused some of you to worry and also not forgetting that I also apologize to ALL theme parks in the whole world.

But ladies.. you still have to beware about the changing rooms or toilets..where ever place that you reveal your skin or body. Guys, you too have to becarefull as you may not know.. It may happen to us someday...

RandomThoughts:About my original post, I won't delete it but I will modify it based on the conclusion and feedbacks and change it from a report kinda post to a rather educating post. If some of you thinks that I should delete the post, please tell me coz I am willing to if you guys thinks that it is necessary.

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