Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Malaysia's 1st 3D CGI!!


This is Malaysia's first ever 3D CGI is done and coming to the cinemas SOON!! By using 2 years time with the cost of Rm4,000,000 and 40 workers , this have proved that Malaysia Boleh and making a 3D CGI is another leap for Malaysia in the world of technology. Featuring the Malaysia's famous twin character, Upin&Ipin

Strange footprints and eerie voices are only some of the things that frighten the villagers of Kampong Durian Runtuh. Stories tell of a beast lurking in the forest at night. Nobody dares to find out what it is, until Badrol and Lim who are on a vacation trip to the same village, stumble into the very heart of the mystery itself. Now it’s up to the two boys together with their new found friends Rajoo the animal whispering boy, Ros the village beauty, and the mischievous twins to embark on a journey of action, adventure and mystery.

When this post is written, there are still no confirmed date of release. But it is estimated to be around 1st Quarter of 2009(Jan-May).

So must watch ar!! Must support keluaran tempatan!! Hohoho..

RandomStuff:My parents bought me new cupboard man.. its nice and have this sliding doors which is very Japanese-ish.. Hohoho.. I like it. Thanks to Mom for choosing and thanks to Dad for paying.. Hohoho..

Credits to: Gempak , http://www.gengthemovie.com/


bman said...

No it's not the first.

First is by YoungJump animation lah.

hyperX said...

Oops so it's not the first 3D CGI? Anyway, the graphic looks nice but most importantly, does the storyline good enough?

justin_5 said...

It IS the 1ST 3D CGI!!3D my fren 3D.. okay? and as i know young jump is a animation company.. which is a company which makes animation such as Pixar. okay? im not mad but i just dislike people who commented without doing some homeworks.. Hohoho.. anyway i still think that the story line is quite boring but worth supporting.. Hohoho..Thanks for hopping by..

Anonymous said...

But I thought Silat Lagenda was our first 3d CGI..? Also I've heard lots of other 3D animations supposedly done by our proud Malaysians like Saladin or that 3D movie done by YoungJump company (as bman said)?

bman said...

justin you're a moron. I said already, Youngjump's Nien resurrection was the first 3D cgi movie way back from 2000.

You better use your brain and stop embarassing yourself.

You're 8 years late and out of touch you moron.


Year Produced: 2000
Episodes: 1

justin_5 said...

Nvm la.. if you say silat lagenda is our 1st 3D CGI? Maybe it is..I dunno for sure whether is Geng is the 1st or not? If you wan say is Nien Resurrection ok maybe it is.. I dunno, coz i just watched it at cr oso.. Hohoho.. I say Geng is the 1st coz the sources say it is.. which is Gempak magazine and http://www.gengthemovie.com/ .. So er.. if any trouble i caused im sorry for it.

justin_5 said...

and why so angry ah bman? calling ppl moron and all? dont worry.. i dont delete any comment to prevent being called coward after being called as moron.. Hohoho..