Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm picked to go to the Nuffnang 3rd Sharing Session!!!!YEAH!! a food lover myself, the best thing can happen to me is getting to eat delicous foods~! And now I can, and it's with the fellow bloggers!!!Yeeehahhhh~!

Maybe ur thinking what am I babbling about..Hohoho..sorry..too excited..1st time get picked maahhhh.

Well Im babbling about the Nuffnang Sharing Session~! Weee...


And it's not just that~! I get to meet and eat with the food eater god~!

Hohoho..I got to eat
For FREE!!(I guess so..but if have to pay oso nvm). I got invited to go. Means eat free or pay ah? Anyone know? Can tell me?

Anyway,free or not free I'm still looking forward to meet the other bloggers~! Hohoho.. Meet you there oh!

RandomThoughts:Hm...I dunno how to maybe I go earlier in case I got lost. Hohoho...Oh ya...Today I danced ridiculously in front of my mom and brother again...Hohoho..Too happy edi.

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KY said...

woohoo, see you!