Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walt Disney's BOLT movie review..

Sorry guys for the long absence..You know..It was holiday and I ain't doing anything special.. but I did something today..

Just 11.45pm..I went to watch
with my younger brother at MBO in Galaxy Ampang. Some of you may know it..some may not but this cinema is just across the street from my house..Hohoho..very convenient huh..

Star Rating:
Cinematography :4/5

This story is about a German Shepherd dog named Bolt who is raised on the set of a hit television show and Bolt believe that he have super powers but NO.. so things gets bad when he was accidentally shipped to New York! Believing he have super powers,he run into many dangerous and some stupid situation like trying to stop a moving truck with his head..Hohoho..With the help of two unlikely traveling companion-a jaded and abandoned housecat named Mitten and a hamster cum Bolt's fanatic who doesn't know Bolt don't have any super powers named Rhino(he really should have a smaller name bah..Hohoho). Bolt's journey to get back to his owner begins...

Overall I think this movie is quite nice. Worth the ticket money..Hohoho.. my younger brother even said this is the best animation soo far..even better than Wall-E..Hohoho..
Btw..I encourage you to watch it on the normal cinema..NOT in 3D..why? Coz I said so.. Hohoho..

Bolt's game is out!! I bought them for my brother( nice of me..Hohoho..) along with SmackDownVsRaw 2009 and Need For Speed Undercover..Hohoho..So whatcha waitin for? Go to game stores near you! just waiting for Dynasty Warrior 6 and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

RandomThoughts:When the movie is starting..there was like commercials about other movies..and then there was this movie about a mouse..haih..have to bring my brother to see again..

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