Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Q:Nuffnang Ads or GoogleAds?

Hi guys..I have a question to ask. Do you think it is worth it to put both Nuffnang ads together with Google ads on my blog? Coz if I put Google ads, I will lost my Glitterati position at Nuffnang. Do you think its worth it? Do Google ads together with Nuffnang ads generates more earnings for you or just Nuffnang with the Glitterati privilege is more worth it?

Although I haven't got any privileges from being a Glitterati but I liked being an Glitterati. What's the point joining Nuffnang and not being a Glitterati rite? So I don't know. Maybe you guys(seniors in blogging) can give me a piece of advice.

and if you did add Google ads into your blog, mind to tell me you did it when your average daily traffic is how many people? Thanks in advance guys!!


Robb said...

google adsense doesn't conflict with glitterati. only SEA blog advertising company will conflict.

Anonymous said...

yah, don't worry with Adsenes because it come from oversea. So your member is still remain the same...