Sunday, November 2, 2008

Share a PIC and MAKE MONEY?!?!!!!!!!!!

Did you ever have a very unique pic and u have thousands and millions of views or maybe you even thinked of making money with it? Well.. NOW YOU CAN!!!!

Im sure all of you have accounts in Friendster , Myspace , Facebook and a lot rite? with those pictures.. you can make profit! Just by uploading ur embed picture using the codes given and you can earn money! You can upload the picture in comments or even messages. The best of all is that ur get pay in USD not RM! For now..share a pic gives u USD0.22 for every 1000views of the picture.. I think, now ur thinking bah.. USD0.22?? thats too little..but the bright side of it is.. Imagine that u have 100 pics in it and 1000 people viewed ur pic= USD22 already.

These are all the steps you need to do to start earning!

1.Register an account by clicking HERE

2.Upload your picture at their website.

3.Use the embed code given and publish ur pictures using the codes.

4.WAIT for the money to come in!!!!!!

For now the minimum for the payout is at USD20. Below USD20 you cant tell them to pay you and they are currently only paying by Paypal. Never fear, you can register Paypal here no credit card required!

I've made 1 for myself~ click here to view!

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kruel said...

Might just try it. Thanks man